AllGenetics supports leading research institutions and companies from all life science areas. True to our motto «delighted to support your research» each year we get involved in tens of research projects along with outstanding scientists from all continents.

A group of young researchers from the Universidade da Coruña launched AllGenetics in 2011. Earlier that year, the project that was to become AllGenetics was distinguished as an IEBT (technology-based employment initiative) by the Regional Government of Galicia. As a result, the European Social Fund co-funded the business venture. In 2013, AllGenetics became a partner company to the Universidade da Coruña. In January 2016, AllGenetics launches its Analytics division to provide private companies with a DNA-based service for the verification of biological samples. In September 2016 AllGenetics wins the second edition of the Galicia Spin-Off Award. This award highlights the innovation and potential of our new corporate division AllGenetics Analytics. In April 2017, AllGenetics establishes its new headquarters in the Centro de Investigacións Científicas Avanzadas (CICA) in the Universidade da Coruña campus.

We are scientists with a solid background in molecular genetic research. We specialise in genomic technologies which are all-important in current Ecology and Biodiversity research.

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