Experts in Bioinformatics

Our expertise encompasses a wide range of bioinformatic analyses, from the reconstruction of phylogenies to the assembly and annotation of small genomes.

We will tailor our bioinformatic pipelines to your project needs

AllGenetics will support you during the analysis of your data. Please let us know about your specific needs. We will be glad to tailor our bioinformatic pipelines to your projects. Among the bioinformatic analysis we usually do are:

Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics.

  • Population parameter estimation: diversity, effective population size, gene flow.
  • Sequence alignment.
  • Reconstruction of phylogenetic trees and networks.
  • Molecular systematics.

Analysis of NGS data.

  • DNA-seq analysis.
    • De novo and reference-guided genome assembly.
    • Genome annotation.
    • Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection and analysis.
  • RNA-seq analysis.
    • Analysis of the transcriptome and its variability: de novo transcriptome assembly, gene and isoform prediction, gene quantification, differential expression analysis, and identification of non-standard RNA molecules (fusion-transcripts, circularised RNAs, etc).
    • Analysis of small ncRNAs: ncRNA prediction and quantification, differential expression analysis, microRNA target site prediction, custom ncRNA annotation, and RNA editing analysis.
  • DNA metabarcoding.
    • Construction of reference databases.
    • Chimera removal.
    • Taxon assignment.
    • Read count per taxon.
    • Generation of rarefaction curves.
    • Diversity metrics.

How we work

Please contact us to discuss the analysis to be done by our bioinformaticians. We will deliver your results in the desired format along with a summary of the bioinformatic methods followed. Your files will be delivered through our server.