AllGenetics launches its new Analytics division

A DNA-based solution to support private companies in the verification of biological samples.
Jan 7, 2016

As AllGenetics continues to grow, our portfolio of services becomes more and more diversified. Since 2011 AllGenetics has become a key Genomics service provider for research groups across Europe. Based on our expertise in DNA and RNA analysis, our new Analytics division now offers private companies a DNA-based service for the streamline identification of biological samples.

Species identification is often a time-consuming task that requires highly trained and experienced experts. It may also be particularly difficult when the specimens examined lack distinctive morphological characters, or are represented by small tissue samples, cryptic life-cycle stages or organic remnants. Consequently there is a growing demand for DNA-based methods which can meet the market needs to determine the specific identity of unknown samples and authenticate biological ingredients.

Under the motto “Verification through Genomics”, our Analytics division capitalises AllGenetics’ know-how in DNA barcoding and metabarcoding to provide a reliable, rapid, and cost-effective solution for all those activities relying on accurate species identification. This analytical service covers diverse taxonomic groups – including plants, animals, fungi, and bacteria – and a broad range of starting materials, from processed food items to complex blends of different species. Therefore, AllGenetics Analytics aims to become a trusted scientific partner to companies in many different fields of activity, including Ecotoxicology, the Herbal Industry, Intelligent Pest Management, or the Control of Illegal Trading.