Experts in characterising wine yeasts by whole genome sequencing

A draft genome for the efficient selection of fermentative strains

Yeasts, particularly Saccharomyces spp., play a fundamental role in winemaking. A detailed characterisation of your fermentative strains by whole genome sequencing (WGS) will offer you an accurate discrimination tool to differentiate among closely related strains. An annotated draft genome will also allow you to screen for relevant genes involved in the fermentative process and to identify and select yeast strains with higher fermentation performance (such as higher ethanol and SO2 tolerance, or low acetic acid production and nitrogen requirements).

At AllGenetics, we use Illumina's HiSeq sequencing technology, which provides millions of high-quality short reads. These reads can be combined with Oxford Nanopore’s MinION or PacBio’s RSII. These are new technologies which provide longer reads that improve genome assembly.

How we work


Step 1: We isolate DNA from your samples. We have adapted different DNA isolation protocols, depending on the starting biological material.

Step 2: We prepare genomic libraries using the kits recommended by Illumina.

Step 3: We sequence the libraries using the Illumina HiSeq technology.

Step 4: We analyse the high-throughput sequencing data to obtain your annotated contigs.

Please contact us for further information and pricing.

What you receive

A species or strain identification certificate.

A report with a summary of the methods followed.

The raw high-throughput sequencing files.

The results of the bioinformatic analysis including:

  • Automatic gene annotation.
  • Average nucleotide identity between the genomes sequenced and other yeast genomes available in reference databases.

We can also carry out on-demand bioinformatic analyses, which can be applied to investigate strain relatedness or look for specific gene sets.

At no additional cost, our project specialists will be available to you after project delivery. We offer up to five 60-min sessions per project, depending on the project size.

What we need

Your yeast cultures which have been appropriately preserved (fresh, frozen, or lyophilised). Please contact us if you need assistance on how to preserve and ship your cultures.

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