Preliminary research on stevia done at AllGenetics published in The Barcode Bulletin

The pilot project 'Barcoding the Trendy Sweetener Stevia' has been carried out in collaboration with Dr. Hugo de Boer (Uppsala universitet).
Jul 4, 2014

Stevia is a natural sweetener and an alternative to sugars and artificial sweeteners like aspartame. It is native to the Americas and there are many species in the genus Stevia. The most popularly used species is Stevia rebaudiana.

Under this study, researchers Ms. Lucía Gato-Calvo and Dr. Hugo de Boer collaborated with AllGenetics to analyse samples of stevia herbal teas using DNA barcoding to determine the constituents.

The results of this study have just been published in an article in The Barcode Bulletin.

Lucía Gato-Calvo, Joaquín Vierna, Hugo de Boer (2014) Barcoding the Trendy Sweetener Stevia. iBOL Barcode Bulletin 5(2):6-7.