The journal GCiencia highlights AllGenetics' verification of ecotoxicological test species service

Project manager Dr. Verónica Rojo introduces AllGenetics' pioneering service in a multi-lingual interview available in Galician, Spanish, and English.
Jun 29, 2016

Today, GCiencia, one of the most relevant popular science media in Spain, highlights our pioneering DNA barcoding service oriented towards Ecotoxicology companies. This service is carried out by our new Analytics corporate division.

AllGenetics is the only company specialised on a world-wide level in verifying test species used in Ecotoxicology. As GCiencia says, “it is paramount that all Ecotoxicology labs use the same test species to carry out specific tests”. Our service of test species verification, which is done through DNA barcoding, greatly improves the comparability of the results between different Ecotoxicology companies.

Project manager, Dr. Verónica Rojo, who is responsible for the Analytics division, explains how we are helping companies to standardise the species they use for ecotoxicological testing: "Ecotoxicology labs carry out trials to determine the effects caused by chemical agents on specific test species, namely seaweed, fish, daphnias, earthworms, or pot worms. To make the tests valid worldwide, international organisations such as ISO or OECD set up the standards, which specify the testing protocols to befollowed in all labs". In fact, our company is a member of the Working Group 'Effects on soil fauna' of the ISO/TC 190/CS4 Committee, in which we are actively involved in a new ISO Project to standardise DNA barcoding as a quality control test in Ecotoxicology guidelines.  These Ecotoxicology guidelines will enable laboratories to verify the test species they use by DNA barcoding.

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