Quality policy

At AllGenetics & Biology SL we believe it is of utmost importance to implement an efficient quality management system for our genomic services (processing of biological samples and genomic data) that demonstrates our commitment to continuous quality improvement and adaptation to a changing environment.

AllGenetics & Biology SL is committed to complying with the following principles:

• Satisfy the needs of our clients and other interested parties by offering our high-quality services according to the established requirements and specifications.
• Promote continuous improvement as a permanent corporate goal, aligned with our growth strategy.
• Ensure the quality of our services by the processes standardisation.
• Incorporate, progressively, the newest technologies available in our sector.
• Guarantee the continuous training of our staff.
• Comply with the legislation that may specifically affect our business.
• Establish achievable improvement goals and provide the necessary resources.
• Review our quality policy annualy, adapting it to the internal and external circumstances.