Experts in metatranscriptomics

Unveiling the living fraction of organisms in a complex sample with our metatranscriptomics service

AllGenetics' metatranscriptomics service provides complete information about the living fraction of organisms in a complex sample. This technique takes advantage of the fact that RNA rapidly degrades in dead individuals. Therefore, it can help elucidate the genes that are being actively transcribed in a certain environment. Metatranscriptomics yields extensive information about functional diversity and operating metabolic pathways and networks.

We can apply metagenomics and metatranscriptomics to a variety of fields, such as microbial ecology, soil biology, ecosystem monitoring, and host-microbe interactions. Remarkably, the metatranscriptomic approach is able to detect ssRNA and dsRNA viruses.

This graph shows the different steps of the AllGenetics' metatranscriptomic service. Therefore it shows a typical workflow of a metatranscriptomics experiment, including RNA isolation, library preparation, high-throughput sequencing, and bioinformatic analysis.

Step 1

We isolate RNA from different types of samples such as soil, water, biofilm, sludge, etc.

Step 2

We retrotranscribe the RNA into cDNA and prepare shotgun libraries for all of the biodiversity present in the sample.

Step 3

We sequence the libraries using the Illumina MiSeq or NovaSeq technologies. We can adapt the output to your specific requirements.

Step 4

We analyse the high-throughput sequencing data to obtain your annotated metagenomes.

For your convenience, we can carry out the entire project or only those steps you require. As a norm, steps 2 and 3 should be ordered jointly.

What you receive

A report with a summary of the methods followed.
The raw high-throughput sequencing files, which will be delivered through our server, and the corresponding quality control report including demultiplexing and pre-processing.

The results of the bioinformatic analysis including binning, de novo assembly, taxonomic assignment, and automatic functional annotation. If you require additional analyses, please let us know and we will do our best to meet your needs.
At no additional cost, our project specialists will be available to you after project delivery and during the editorial process of your scientific articles. We offer up to five 60-min sessions per project, depending on the project size.

Contact us for further information and pricing