Experts in identifying grapevine genes of interest by RNA-seq

Get to know how we analyse grapevine expressed genes by RNA-seq

RNA-seq is a powerful, cost-effective tool for surveying plant response to specific conditions. Knowing which genes are being expressed under certain circumstances can help you select grapevine varieties or cultivars more resistant to stressors such as drought, frost, or pathogens.

At AllGenetics we use high-throughput sequencing to identify candidate genes underlying phenotypic traits of interest, providing invaluable information for genetic improvement programmes.

The image is a typical workflow of a RNA-seq analysis aimed at detecting agronomically-important genes for the Wine industry. The workflow includes RNA isolation from grapevine material, library preparation, high-throughput sequencing, and bioinformatic analysis. The results are a gene expression quantification analysis and the detection of differentially expressed genes between the environmental conditions tested.

Step 1

We isolate RNA from your grapevine samples.

Step 2

We purify the RNA fraction you are interested in (total RNA, mRNA, small RNAs...) and prepare cDNA libraries using the kits recommended by Illumina.

Step 3

We sequence the libraries using the Illumina NovaSeq technology. Millions of reads per library are obtained in this step.

Step 4

We analyse the high-throughput sequencing data obtained in the previous step.

What you receive

A report with a summary of the methods followed.
The raw high-throughput sequencing files.

The results of the bioinformatic analysis including:
  • Gene expression quantification.
  • Detection of differential gene expression between conditions.
If you require additional analyses, please let us know and we will do our best to meet your needs.
At no additional cost, our project specialists will be available to you after project delivery. We offer up to five 60-min sessions per project, depending on the project size.

What we need

Your plant tissue samples which have been appropriately preserved for RNA isolation. We provide sampling kits and sampling collection guidelines to ensure that your samples arrive at our lab in optimal conditions.

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