Dr Alejandra Perina joins the Inspira STEAM project, to help develop an interest in scientific careers among girls

The project, created by Universidad de Deusto, is now being developed in schools in A Coruña.

AllGenetics’ head of bioinformatics, Dr Alejandra Perina, has joined Inspira STEAM, a Spanish project aimed at promoting an interest in scientific careers among girls. The project was first conceived by Universidad de Deusto and is now being carried out in A Coruña, with the support of Universidade da Coruña.

Specifically, the Inspira STEAM project aims to:

  • Provide new female mentors in the field of technology.
  • Raise awareness about STEAM careers among girls and boys.
  • Make women in technology visible and emphasise their importance.
  • Teach girls and boys to recognise stereotypes so these stereotypes do not influence the students when choosing their studies.

Having received training during the sessions held last week, Dr Perina will be chatting with students in sixth grade to raise awareness about the work carried out by women working in science.

As an advocate of gender equality and committed to fomenting high standards of education, AllGenetics is proud to take part in furthering the interest of young students in A Coruña in careers in science.