AllGenetics supports staff volunteering in healthcare charities

Paula Ramilo and Fátima Sánchez are active members of NUPA and ACEM.

The image shows AllGenetics' staff Fátima Sánchez and Paula Ramilo.

AllGenetics is pleased to share news of our support for our colleagues engaging in volunteer work with healthcare charities in Spain. This initiative underscores our commitment to contribute to the community and highlights the valuable work our team members are doing outside the office.

Bioinformatics specialist, Paula Ramilo, is collaborating with NUPA, the Spanish association aiding patients with intestinal failure, parenteral nutrition, and multivisceral transplant. NUPA’s efforts in supporting patients and their families align with our values of contributing to healthcare and patient welfare. To find out more about NUPA, please visit their website at

Fátima Sánchez, a project specialist at AllGenetics, has been appointed as the new president of ACEM, one of the largest associations for patients with neurodegenerative diseases in Galicia. Established in 1995, ACEM is a non-profit organisation focused on improving the lives of those affected by multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and other neurodegenerative conditions. Fátima’s involvement with ACEM reflects her personal commitment to community service. For more information about ACEM, visit their site at

In support of Paula and Fátima’s volunteer work, AllGenetics has made donations to both NUPA and ACEM. We believe in the importance of engaging with and supporting NGOs and associations that work towards enhancing community welfare.