AllGenetics wins the Galicia Spin-Off Award 2016

This award highlights the innovation and potential of our new corporate division AllGenetics Analytics.

AllGenetics has won the second edition of the Galicia Spin-Off Award along with the chemical company Galchimia. The prize is awarded every year by the scientific website GCiencia and the Galician bank Banco Pastor to the most innovative (“emerging idea”) and consolidated (“quality label”) companies working in association with any of the three Galician universities. The new corporate division AllGenetics Analytics was awarded the “emergent idea” prize for the innovative practices and potential of our new business area. The runner-up was the company Lupeon.

The AllGenetics team is deeply honoured to have been awarded this prize. As Dr. Joaquín Vierna (General Manager) explains «This prize is extremely motivating. It encourages us to keep on working with the same values which have defined AllGenetics since our foundation in 2011: solid scientific knowledge, fluid communication with clients, and a good working environment for everyone in the team».

The prize-giving ceremony will be held at the headquarters of the Fundación Barrié in Vigo on October 10th. Dr. Verónica Rojo, in charge of the Analytics division, will be receiving the prize on behalf of our company. The prize consists of 2000 euros, a trophy, and a package of financial opportunities offered by Banco Pastor.