Dr Neus Marí-Mena, will be in Lyon to present the results of the evaluation of different algorithms used to assign reads to OTUs in DNA metabarcoding

The results will be presented at DNAqua-Net working group 4 meeting on Thursday.

AllGenetics’ project specialist, Dr. Neus Marí-Mena, is attending the DNAqua-Net working group 4 (WG4, high-throughput computing) meeting in Lyon this week. Dr. Marí-Mena has been invited to present the analyses which were performed to evaluate the suitability of different algorithms and parameter choices when assigning reads to OTUs.

The meeting will take place at the Computing Center of IN2P3/CNRS on the Lyon-Tech la Doua Campus between February 28th and March 1st and will address the different bioinformatic pipelines used to analyse DNA metabarcoding datasets generated by high-throughput sequencing.

It is COST action DNAqua-Net’s aim to improve environmental DNA (eDNA) technology. AllGenetics is active in several DNAqua-Net working groups such as WG4, which is working towards standardising the DNA metabarcoding bioinformatic workflows to assess biodiversity of freshwater ecosystems.