The Universidade da Coruña acknowledges AllGenetics’ cooperation by renewing associated company certificate

The university has renewed the distinction awarded to companies cooperating in research and training.

AllGenetics’ cooperation with the Universidade da Coruña has been acknowledged with the associated company certificate (“empresa asociada Universidade da Coruña”). Currently, only two companies hold this certificate.

AllGenetics has received this three-year certificate since 2013 thanks to our continuous and fruitful cooperation with the university. For example, we collaborate continually with various university research teams interested in our high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics services. We also work together in training and have hosted a total of four master students over the last year, students who did their external training with us. AllGenetics has also supported the “Happy Hours” initiative at the Centro de Investigacións Científicas Avanzadas, we have taken part in the Inspira STEAM programme, and have incorporated two students who have completed their Master in Bioinformatics for Health Sciences.

We are proud to join forces with the Universidade da Coruña and look forward to carrying out new and exciting projects with the university in the near future.