AllGenetics is taking part in the genotyping-by-sequencing workshop at Københavns Universitet this week

Bioinformatics specialist Rocío Esteban will introduce our new bioinformatic pipelines developed to analyse MobiSeq-derived data.

AllGenetics is glad to take part in the MobiSeq workshop that will be held in Copenhagen (Geologisk Museum) this coming Friday (November 30th). The workshop, organised by Dr. Alba Rey-Iglesia and Dr. Anders Johannes Hansen, is for master students, PhD students, post-docs, and senior scientists interested in reduced representation sequencing methods such as MobiSeq.

At AllGenetics we incorporated this method into our portfolio earlier this year and since then we have have been working on adapting it to non-model species. We have developed a bioinformatic pipeline aimed at selecting a suitable transposable element for marker discovery in species without a reference genome. We have developed a second pipeline to analyse sequencing data and genotype individuals. Both pipelines will be presented by our bioinformatics specialist Rocío Esteban during the workshop.

MobiSeq generates genomic data based on the PCR targeted-enrichment of transposable elements scattered throughout the genome and the sequencing of the associated flanking region. The method can be implemented for marker discovery in fields such as population genomics or crop genetic improvement across a wide range of organisms. Despite the need for genomic information on the species under study, MobiSeq has several advantages over other genotyping methods such as its suitability for low quality and low concentration DNA.