AllGenetics takes part in an environmental DNA workhop in Porto today

«Molecular approaches for monitoring of aquatic ecosystems and biodiversity» has been organised by the EnvMetaGen project in collaboration with the COST action DNAqua-Net.

AllGenetics will take part in the «Molecular approaches for monitoring of aquatic ecosystems and biodiversity» workshop that will be held today at the CIBIO facilities in Vairão (Porto). Organised by the EnvMetaGen project and the DNAqua-Net network, this event will bring together some of the main researchers using environmental DNA (eDNA) for aquatic monitoring in Europe.

Our colleagues Dr. Neus Marí-Mena and Dr. Verónica Rojo, who are responsible for eDNA and DNA metabarcoding projects at AllGenetics, will be attending this event and discussing the latest wet-lab and bioinformatic approaches with the main researchers working on this topic.

AllGenetics is a member of the DNAqua-Net network, and our scientists are currently working in developing new tools for eDNA research in close collaboration with research groups from all over Europe.