Dr Neus Marí-Mena to speak at “Concilia Coirós” Summer camp in A Coruña

AllGenetics engages in various STEM activities throughout the year.

AllGenetics is happy to announce that Dr Neus Marí-Mena, a leading project specialist with the company, will address young attendees at the “Concilia Coirós” summer camp in her village in A Coruña, Spain, tomorrow morning (August 31st).

During her talk, Dr Marí-Mena will share her academic and professional journey, tracing her path from obtaining a master’s degree in conservation biology to completing a PhD on the population genetics of the moth Graellsia isabellae. She will then discuss her current responsibilities at AllGenetics, which involve DNA metabarcoding data analysis and metagenomics.

Born in Miramar, València, in 1981, Dr Marí-Mena specialises in coordinating biodiversity-related projects at AllGenetics and also manages the firm’s bioinformatic training courses.

The event is organised by the Oficina Municipal de Información Xuvenil of the municipality of Coirós. The organisation is committed to highlighting female role models across various professional sectors to embolden the aspirations of young individuals.

AllGenetics is acutely aware of the importance of STEM and engages in various activities throughout the year to promote education in these key disciplines. Through initiatives like Dr Marí-Mena’s talk, the company aims to sow the seeds for the next generation of scientists in Galicia, Spain.