AllGenetics and Statens Naturhistoriske Museum (Denmark) collaborate in the development and implementation of new genome analysis methods

Our head of laboratory, Antón Vizcaíno, and SNM scientists Dr. Anders Johannes Hansen and Alba Rey-Iglesia are meeting in Copenhagen this week to discuss potential ways of collaboration.

AllGenetics head of laboratory, Antón Vizcaíno, will be visiting the Statens Naturhistoriske Museum, in Copenhagen, in the coming days, to initiate a research collaboration with the group led by Dr. Anders Johannes Hansen which may eventually lead to the publication of new genome analysis methods.

Dr. Hansen specialises in metagenomics, DNA metabarcoding, and in the analysis of degraded DNA from modern and ancient DNA sources. He is the Research Director at the Statens Naturhistoriske Museum.

AllGenetics, as a highly innovative SME, is very interested in taking part in the development of new genome analysis protocols which may be useful in the fields of evolutionary biology, biodiversity, and ecology. We see this collaboration between our company and Dr. Hansen’s group as a welcome opportunity to exchange scientific knowledge during the following years.

Our head of laboratory will also have the chance to present our company to the Geogenetics and EvoGenomics sections staff next Monday, February 12th, at 1 pm. The talk is titled «Genomics for everyone: How AllGenetics can give you a helping hand». During the talk, we will show how AllGenetics supports European researchers in the development of their genomics projects.