AllGenetis takes part in workshop «Validation & reporting of single-species eDNA analyses» to be held at the Universität Innsbruck this week

Antón Vizcaíno, head of laboratory at AllGenetics, will be one of the delegates to discuss the guidelines to be used in biomonitoring within the Water Framework Directive.

Anton Vizcaíno, our head of laboratory, will be in Innsbruck this week attending the DNAqua-Net‘s Working Group 3 workshop on «Validation & reporting of single-species eDNA analyses».

More than 40 scientists from all over Europe are expected to gather at the Universität Innsbruck on March 26th – 27th to examine, develop, and validate guidelines of single species detection within the context of environmental DNA. The general goal of the workshop is to outline the necessary quality control steps and reporting criteria for qPCR analyses in biomonitoring.

As a member of COST action DNAqua-Net, it is a pleasure to share our expertise on qPCR to help standardise biomonitoring methods within the Water Framework Directive.

The goal of DNAqua-Net is to bring together a group of inter-disciplinary researchers to identify gold-standard genomic tools and novel eco-genomic indices and metrics for routine application in biomonitoring and assessing biodiversity in European water bodies.