AllGenetics presents a new reduced-representation library method at the PEB conference

MobiSeq has been developed by Dr. Anders Johannes Hansen’s group (Københavns Universitet).

AllGenetics’ project specialist Rocío Esteban is attending the Programming for Evolutionary Biology (PEB) 2018, an annual event which is being organised this year by the University of Huddersfield. The PEB conference brings together scientists interested in applying bioinformatic tools to answer evolutionary and ecological questions.

Rocío will be presenting some results on the application of the reduced-representation library (RRL) method MobiSeq to non-model organisms. MobiSeq has been developed by Dr. Anders Johannes Hansen’s group (Københavns Universitet) and AllGenetics is currently using this method to obtain SNP data in different taxa.

MobiSeq generates genomic data based on the PCR targeted-enrichment of transposable elements scattered throughout the genome and the sequencing of the associated flanking region. The method can be implemented for marker discovery in fields such as population genomics or crop genetic improvement across a wide range of organisms. Despite the need for genomic information on the species under study, MobiSeq has some advantages over other genotyping methods such as its suitability for low quality and low concentration DNA.

At AllGenetics we have recently incorporated this method into our portfolio which has been very well received by our clients and believe it will soon become one of the leading methods for SNP genotyping.