AllGenetics selected as «SME of the year» by the Galician Biologists Society

The award has been bestowed on AllGenetics taking into account the quality and degree of innovation of the company’s services as well as the large number of biologists employed by our company.

AllGenetics is thrilled to announce that our company has been selected as the «SME of the year» by the Galician Society of Biologists (Colexio Oficial de Biólogos de Galicia, COBGA). Our company was selected by nearly 1300 members of COBGA who highlighted, in their statement, the quality of AllGenetics’ services and acknowledged the large number of biologists the company currently employs.

Our head of laboratory and partner, Antón Vizcaíno, will be representing AllGenetics and accepting the award in the event that will take place May 13th in Santiago de Compostela. A core member of our team, Antón joined AllGenetics in 2012 on completing his MSc in Biology. Since then Antón has been in charge of our laboratories. As an expert in molecular biology and high throughput sequencing, he has been involved in developing most of AllGenetics’ services.

We are honoured to have been distinguished by our peers and are very grateful to our team, clients, and the institutions who have helped AllGenetics reach different milestones over the last ten years.

Born at the Universidade da Coruña and currently based in Oleiros (Spain), AllGenetics is a leading genomic services provider. With clients in over twenty countries, AllGenetics carries out research projects involving high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics, and has developed a variety of services of interest in different sectors such as agriculture and farming, environment, food industry, or ecotoxicology. AllGenetics won the Galicia Spin-Off Award in 2016.