AllGenetics launches its new training courses for 2019

Starting March 2019, the courses will be available to both early-career and senior researchers who are interested in high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics.

High-throughput sequencing (or HTS) has already revolutionised life sciences and has sky-rocketed biological research both in Academia and Industry. Understanding the techniques, analyses, and the power behind this technology has become vital if one wants to be up to date with the top-level research being done in virtually all branches of biology.

With this in mind, AllGenetics is proud to announce that, starting March 2019, we will be offering new high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics courses both in English and Spanish.

There will be six brand-new courses. Each course will have several editions throughout the year, totalling over 200 hours of training. It is our intention that these courses acquaint both senior researchers and early-career investigators with all the possibilities HTS offers.

The courses will combine hands-on work with theoretical aspects, covering topics such as library preparation and high-throughput sequencing in Illumina, PacBio, and ONTDNA metabarcoding and metagenomicsSNP developmentgenome assembly and annotation, and RNA-seq.

The courses will be held at Camping Los Manzanos, a singular and quaint place in A Coruña (NW Spain). AllGenetics also offers packages that include accommodation and meals at the venue.

If interested in taking part in the courses please fill out this form and specify the course and edition you would like to enrol in.